To say that art was significant to my youth would be an understatement. Both of my parents are artists, my father a musician, and my mother a painter. While I focus much of my work on visual art, particularly drawings, I took ballet lessons for 12 years, and classical piano lessons almost as long.

Growing up so involved in so many different artistic communities left a mark on me, and inspires me to explore their interconnectedness. I’m fascinated by the ability we, as people have to create and perceive rhythm and motion in still, 2D images.

My work is also largely influenced by my Bosnian heritage. Both of my parents immigrated to the US during the Yugoslavian Civil War. I feel that I’ve grown up straddling a line of 2 different cultures, never fully a part of either. I think this feeling affects some aspect of everything I do or make.

I hope to someday be able to make a statement with my art. Ideally, my art will leave an impact, whether from the aesthetic or the messages I try to imbue. I want to explore themes of life and death, of politics, and of the causes I believe in.